Gilles BERTHOUD Galibier

Gilles Berthoud
Gilles BERTHOUD Galibier
Gilles BERTHOUD Galibier

Gilles BERTHOUD Galibier Titaanikiskoilla

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The saddle is made from thick, natural vegetable tanned leather. It is pre-softened and waterproof.

The bolt assemblies at the rear of the saddle aren't on the top surface, where you might sit on them if you slide back on your saddle. But instead the bolts are off the bac edge, out of the way.

Width across the back is 146mm.

Lenght 278mm.

Weight around 325 grams, may be a littlle more or less depending of the leathers.

Rear crescent made with technical material which provides solidity and flexibility for maximum comfort.

Very easily DISASSEMBLING thanks to an ingenious system made with stainless screws which fit into special-sharped brass washers. The cone-sharped washer fits into the leather avoiding any risk of damage.

Rails made in titanium.

Long straight parts for the best adjustment you need.

Patented tension system avoiding the nose twisting.

No special tool for adjusting the tension, just a 4mm Alen key is needed

Each saddle with an unique number engraving on the nose washer 

325 g
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