Revoloop MTB Ultra

Revoloop MTB Ultra
Revoloop MTB Ultra

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REVOLOOP.mtb ultra is the challenge to steep climbs and was trimmed by us for lightweight construction, which is reflected in a product weight of only 45 grams at 29 inches. Due to its low weight, it saves about 100 grams per wheel, which makes starting and climbing less strenuous. The material formulation specially developed for this tube combines a very high mechanical strength with simultaneous elasticity of the material and thus enables the innovative, specific property profile of this bicycle tube.

The valve is made of particularly impact- and break-resistant thermoplastic and is ahead of its time. Minimum weight coupled with maximum performance. A specially designed valve foot prevents damage to the hose due to sharp edges on the valve bore. The tough plastic minimizes valve breakage during the toughest trails with low air pressure.

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