NXT45CX Premium 700C" 45mm depth Clincher carbon rim

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NXT45CX Premium  700C
NXT45CX Premium  700C NXT45CX Premium  700C

NXT45CX 45mm Depth 700C inner width 17mm

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Premium Edition Carbon Fiber Road Bike Rims | Depths in 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm and 55mm (More will come soon) | High TG resin between Carbon Fibers

To compare with normal rims, the improvements of premium rims are as below.

1. The premium rims are manufactured by T700 + T800 carbon fibers materials with better High TG resin composite between carbon fibers;

2. 15% T800 + 85% T700 carbon fibers. T800 performs better rigidity and T700 performs better tenacity;

3. Graphene braking surface, heat dissipation shows a much better performance;

4. In aspect of technology, the layer-up system, carbon fibers are cut in angles of 30 degrees and 60 degrees. More complicated process to achieve improvements of stiffness and strength. It performs better impact resistance than normal rims with only one degree of 45;

5. We made a single mold to layer up the spoke bed wall. The flatness of rim channel surface significantly improved, which makes the thickness at each spoke hole completely consistent. Also, it effectively prevents the carbon loop of spoke hole wall from shifting;

6. Each of rim would be attached with a card showing the flatness and roundness. The flatness and roundness are controlled within (+/-0.15mm), better than normal (+/-0.25mm). It's quite easy to build wheels than normal versions;

7. Three years warranty;

Materiaali: Toray T800 (15%) + T700

Size 700C width 26mm depth 45mm

Weight 475g 

Max tension of spokes 130Kgf

ERD: 550mm

Spoke hole 4,5mm, nipple length 14/16mm

Assembly hole 7,5mm

Max tyre pressure 140 Psi

Road /Triathlon/TT/CX

Painorajoitus 120kg

485 g
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