Lupine Piko R 2100lm Lamp Head

Lupine Piko R 2100lm Lamp Head
Lupine Piko R 2100lm Lamp Head Lupine Piko R 2100lm Lamp Head

Lupine Piko R 2100lm Helmet Light with remote control

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Lupine Piko is an example of how to pack 1800 lumens of light flux into a packet-sized package. The sturdy aluminum case is durable and also works in challenging weather conditions.
The new FrontClick system gives the user more flexibility in the use of lighting. The luminaire can be easily detached from the helmet or headband.
The SmartCore battery has a charge indicator with audible and indicator lights that also work as a backlight.

Technical information:

  • Maximum luminous flux: 1900lm
  • 20 W 1900 lm
    9 W1000 lm
    6 W 680 lm
    3 W 380 lm
    1,5W 200 lm
    0,3 W 60 lm
  • Power: 20W (max.
  • Light transmitters: max. 240m

  • Brightness: 12000cd

  • Beam width: 22 degrees

  • Material: aluminium

  • Weight: 65 g, 

  • Water resistance: IP68 (2m). Not intended for continuous underwater use.

  • Impact Resistance: Drop Height 2m

  • Operating temperature: -25C- + 70C

Contents of the package:

  • Piko-lamp
  • User / Installation Guide


  • GoPro holder: Item number i1070
  • Quick clamp for 25.4mm handlebar. Item number i225
  • Quick release clamp for 31.8mm handlebar. Item number i231
  • Quick release bracket for 35mm handlebar. Item number i1035
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